How Did You Come Up With The Name Din Doo? 


Dindo is an official ongoing government authorized typhoon name. Dindo, being a common first name for many millennia, was adopted by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).


Since 2004, the fourth typhoon of the year has been assigned the name Dindo. This occurs every 4 years. The most recent typhoon Dindo occurred in the summer of 2020 (Wikipedia). The next typhoon Dindo will occur this year (2024). 


So Din Doo® is a play on the word Dindo. By separating “din” from “do” and adding an extra  “o” for the suggestion of excrement (as in dog doo), the wording Din Doo® is formed.


As such, the word play Din Doo® is used to convey symbolic meaning of a typhoon cleansing excrement.



 How Do You Use This Bidet?




Remove the cap and fill with water.

If using hot water, caution should be used.

Water temperature should not exceed 113 degrees F (45 degrees C).




Screw the cap on, then fully raise the nozzle stem into the upright position.




Place your finger over the air-lock located at the bottom of the bottle. This will prevent leakage from occurring. Turn the bidet upside down and position the nozzle head so that it is facing the anal area. Remove your finger from the air-lock and squeeze.